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Timpone surfboards are a blend of 38 years of non-stop board building. I've always tried to be versatile and not get bored! So shortboards, guns, "fish" tri's, mini-tankers, full longboards and now tow-in boards have been treated equally. If you're interested in a traditional big wave board, our guns are shown in the Tow-In boards section below.

Construction of all Timpone surfboards begins with first quality foam blanks in green, blue or superlite densities; 6 oz. and 4 oz. warp glass cloth; 10 oz. Volan cloth available for longboards; and Sylmar 929 polyester resin.

7'6", 18 3/4" x
2 3/8", FCS fins.

6'4" "Fish", 19 1/2" x
2 1/2", FCS fins.

6'10" 18 1/2" x
2 3/8", FCS fins.

6'4" 18 /1/4" x
2 1/4", glass on fins.

7'0" 18 5/8" x
2 1/4", FCS fins.

My shortboards cover a full range of rocker and rail contours and all combinations of bottoms from mild V's; flats; and single, double and triple concaves. Hopefully you've seen video of Rush Randle, Dave Kalama and Pete Cabrinha of the Strapped crew getting some pretty big airtime on my designs. My focus is on speed, with positive drive for fluid surfing. My wider Fish designs are popular right now!

Traditional longboard
9'4" x 23" x 3"

8'10" x 21 1/2" • O'fish'l
fin box, FCS side fins

Dave Kalama Model.
9'2" 21 1/2"
All the good stuff

Custom traditional board• 9'6" x 22 1/2" x 3 1/4"
Redwood/balsa 1" T-band stringer.
4- 1/8" x1/8" redwood inlay stringers on deck.
Custom nose and tail blocks.
Fabric laminate in nose concave.

Longboards by Timpone go from the traditional, old style nose rider to the ultra high performance Kalama Model. Rails and rockers make a longboard work the way they do, so we do it all. Nose concaves, 50-50 rails on the classics, old style front with new down hard rails in the back for turning and nose riding; or full dome deck, thin and hard, down rails with lots of rocker for the Kalama Model. Standard on the Kalama Model are a center 10" O'FISH'L fin box with Fin Control System or glass on side fins.

Dave Kalama's tow-in board. Weight and dimensions classified.

Tow boards are really neat to build because alot of normal surfboard design theory has to be re-thought, or thrown out! Its fun to do stuff so different, like make a 7'4" weigh 20 lbs. and still be loose on a 15' wave.

Big Wave boards (guns). If you live in Hawaii or are serious about surfing you gotta have one at least! We make guns for medium to large surf by custom order only. Please give us your weight, ability and places you ride, warm or cold water, and how big you'd like your board. Leave it to me or design your own for me to shape.

We prefer to speak directly to each of our customers so we will contact you after we receive your e-mail from this form. Please CAREFULLY fill out this form and press the "Send" button when you are done. Please note the red asterisks * on the REQUIRED fields.

If you just want to send us a question, use the generic CONTACT form.

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